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Trusted by 10,000+ companies around the world

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Trusted by 2500+ companies around the world

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Forget what you believed about business cards

Card Editor

Manage all your business cards

Empower your team with the ability to create and manage digital business cards, enabling seamless sharing of crucial company information. Organize multiple teams with customized employee permissions for enhanced autonomy.

Optimize lead generation

Capture vital prospect details instantly and integrate with your CRM effortlessly with our integrations.

Lead Generation

Great features, great sales

Team Management
Business card Scanner
CRM Integration
Card personalization

Make the right first impression, with a fully customised profile.

91% of people judge a person or company based on first impressions. With Cardynale, make sure they will remember you.

Team Management

Keep your team's information up to date.

Empower your team with the ability to create and manage digital business cards, enabling seamless sharing of crucial company information. Organize multiple teams with customized employee permissions for enhanced autonomy.

Scan paper cards

Scan paper business card and turn it into contacts.

Instantly convert paper business cards into digital connections with our advanced AI-Powered Business Card scanner.


Analyze your performances.

Advanced analytics provide valuable insights, helping you measure the impact of your networking efforts.
Make informed decisions, track performance, and elevate your business connections to new heights.

CRM integration

Integrate with all your tools.

Export your leads to your CRM and save time on data entry so you can concentrate on your real job.

Here's what people
say about us

We might be good, but they say it better.

"Innovative and convenient! To be honest, I wouldn't have thought of making a business card as a student, but this card is very handy. Easy to use and easy to carry. Having it on me at all times can greatly help me enter the world of work by expanding my contacts."

Yoann Meyniel


"Truly exceptional digital card with eco-friendly commitment, motivated and innovative teams. I'm won over and recommend it 100%."

Mélanie Thiebaut


"Business cards ordered for our team; the design is top-notch, the product is high-quality. Great interaction with their team as well."

Adèle Petit Maire

Accor Hotel

"Thank you for this business card! It's very beautiful, convenient, and I'm very happy with it!"

Elizabeth Massot

Life Coach

"Excellent idea, brilliant way to do business, modern app, responsive support service"

Nicolas Di Silvestro

Associate - Fauve Recruitment

"A great idea! The business card is stylish. Made of wood, this natural and tech aspect goes wonderfully together. Intuitive interface, NFC + QR code, the winning combo. Don't lose touch, stay professional! An essential accessory for anyone who wants to present themselves in a dynamic, 'trendy,' and efficient style! Paper was the past! Spelling out your name to find yourself on LinkedIn isn’t serious: there's only one solution, Cardynale."

Alex Beilhartz

Innovation lead - EDF

A Business card that is fully integrated with your tools

Put your data where your mouth is with 4000+ integrations to your favorite apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card offers a contemporary substitute to the classic paper ones. This electronic version can be conveniently passed on via email, messaging, social platforms, NFC methods, or QR scans.

Such a digital card generally contains similar details you'd find on a paper version: the individual's name, their position, ways to reach them, and their organization's name.

What sets them apart from the old-fashioned ones is the ability to embed multimedia like photos, clips, and website hyperlinks. They're not only eco-friendly and cost-efficient, but they also provide the flexibility for swift modifications.

For fostering relationships and networking in today's digital world, these digital contact cards are invaluable.

How does a digital business card work?

A digital business card is an electronic way to share your contact details. Here's how it works:

1. You create it using our online tool Cardynale.
2. In the tool, you enter your contact details like name, phone number, and email. You can also add pictures or logos if you want.
3. Once you're happy with how it looks, the tool will give you ways to share it. This can be through email, messages, or even a special code people can scan with their phones (like a QR code).
4. When someone receives or scans your card, they can easily save your details in their phone or computer without typing everything in and share their contact with you.

These electronic cards are eco-friendly, can save you money, and can be changed whenever you need to update your details. It's a modern and efficient way to give people your contact information.

Does the person I'm meeting need an app to receive my informations?

No !
No app is required for the other person to get your informations. Your profil directly opens in their browser, which every smartphone has.

What phones can my Cardynale QR code share to ?

Cardynale items use NFC tech, and with just one tap, they can share information with iPhone models like XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, and SE (2nd generation). These products are also compatible with a majority of Android phones available, as long as they have NFC activated.

Additionally, Cardynale's QR codes can be read by all iPhones and almost every Android device (more than 90% of them). These QR codes are reliable and offer unlimited scans.